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Poem - Invisible Friend

A friend asked, “What does depression look like when it takes YOU?”. Boy, that triggered some stuff, but then again, I found it intriguing because it was about what it looks liked.

Invisible Friend
Poem for Day 089 – 20150330

My invisible friend,
unseen by most,
unheard by many,
ally incognito.
With friends like that
you don't need enemies.

Perhaps I am quieter,
by just a decibel.
Perhaps I walk slower,
with a measured step.
I listen more because
I hear the inner voice.

Crack a smile at life,
broken on the edges.
Tip my hat the pretty,
feeling gray creep it.
Things to say to you
from screaming muted.

My invisible friend,
what do you look like?
Would people recognize
me without your touch?
Put on the happy face,
keep feeling in its place.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: depression, friend, poem

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