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Poem - Rainbow Badge of Shame

The legal events in Indiana sicken me. This was brought home by an internet commentary that asked how those who were “expressing their freedom of religion” would determine the transgressors. Would it be by their dress, their lilt, or the company they kept? Would length of hair and manner of clothing fully reveal the religious deviants amongst them? This brought to mind the methods used in the past when a group of people were determined to be unwanted outsiders. Clear identity was necessary for the protection of society. The poem “Rainbow Badge of Shame” pursues this line of thought.

Rainbow Badge of Shame
Poem for Day 090 – 20150331

I wear the rainbow badge of shame,
my own multi color patch,
to mark me as a outsider,
intruder to the blessed,
in all the public places.

One finger in width,
half a palm in height,
easy for all to see,
so none may be tainted
by my unholy frame of mind.

The baker must see it present,
my armband of singularity,
in order to make most proper,
by Fascist law made legal,
his exclusion of my identity.

Freedom is the goal of all,
the ability to exclude,
because humanity is too fragile,
unable to be accommodating,
for those different from you.

Beat the badge transgressors,
those different snuck amongst us,
release the dogs, break the windows,
give just lesson law enabled
to those who think they are their equal.

I wear the rainbow badge of shame,
to show my unity with my brother.
Baker I need not your bread,
you are more inhuman than these,
those you name your enemy.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: badge, discrimination, poem, shame

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