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Going Home

Not many people know that about my past, but now I can share that I was adopted. I've searched for my birth parents for years. This quest recently ended with a surprise I could not imagine. I want to share this because I've located my mother. This discovery explains a lot about who I am. My love of dance runs in the family. My rooting for the underdog is also familiarity. While I've found roots, I am now being uprooted. I must move out west for a short time, maybe longer. My lovely wife understands, I am taking a sabbatical from work. I may not be coming back though.

Before I go into that further I want to share my new dance love. I've enjoyed contra for years. Swing has called to me. Now I am possessed by a new dance. It too is a partner dance, adopting the aspects of salsa, merengue, and the carimbo. Some say that it is forbidden, but my family says otherwise.

The lambada is the secret dance of my homeland Brazil. I didn't know I was Brazilian, but my mother Nisa says that I am. Now I am to be tested, to see if I too possess the family's power. My mother Nisa is asking me to come to Los Angeles. Her tribal shaman Joa wants me to continue my training in the family's secret knowledge, the mystery of the dance of lambada. Nisa is royalty, and yes, this makes me a prince or something, and her reign of guarding her rainforest home from corporations is endangered. I must take up the fully embrace the lambada, using its power for the good of my newly realized homeland. Joa is getting old, Nisa is no longer able to dance, and now it is my turn. The lambada calls me, and I've written a poem to celebrate the power of this ancient form of dance, and the call that my homeland has for me.

Lambada Again
Poem for Day 091 – 20150401

Lambada take me, transport me home,
guard my homelands from Hoggish Greedly.
Combine the forces of five youths,
with steps side to side, never front to back.

Nisa was my mother, member of royalty,
see the crystal chamber calling her,
Joa by her side, powers summoned,
swirl the skirt as rings are twirled.

The power is yours, in a dance forbidden,
end the destruction with thong underwear.
The dance is the solution, end the pollution.
Fly the Geo-Cruiser to my homeland.

Oh sweet lambada, shamanic possession,
renew the forest, restore the homestead.
Use the solar power, with men's long trousers,
and I'll dance the lambada again.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, homecoming, lambada, poem

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