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Poem - Fairy Queen

Again I am inspired by a picture I took. This time it was a spontaneous vision of a fairy queen as she created one of her subjects. Harley truly had a haunting look, one that inspires art.

Fairy Queen
Poem for Day 093 – 20150403

Fairy Queen, keeper of memories,
take mine away through gentle sleep.
Here next to your mound in woods deep,
I'll hope to retreat to your gentle reach.

Send your daughters to my side,
to witness my vigil in forest glen.
Where are you royalty fae?
I need your aid in my deep despair.

You exist in a realm far from here,
portals of dream are entry there.
I bring my burdens to your doorstep,
to lie down as your eyes gaze at me.

Your eyes follow me as I stride
across phantom fields in my mind.
Twisting paths lead me astray,
but still I press on to your side.

Monsters of mind threaten me,
creations of fear and dread.
Chasing me through hidden groves,
as I strive to pierce your veil.

Deeper into dream, struggling on,
your minions flank at my sides.
I draw nearer to your high castle
my burdens lessen with each step.

Finally I reach your threshold,
Fairy Queen, keeper of memories,
I lay them down at your feet,
trial of my journey put to peace.

I was released from memories,
you took them in hand.
My shadow fades from the mound,
as my body leaves earthly realm.

I lay by the mound in woods deep,
but no longer look for me there.
I've found the way to my true place,
free to live life in the land of dreams.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dream, fairy, fairy queen, poem, poetry

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