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Poem - To Kiss You

Kissing is really a quite delightful activity. There really isn't quite enough of it going around. As Rhett Butler said, “You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how. ”.

To Kiss You
Poem for Day 094 – 20150404

I'd love to kiss you,
it is time we relented.
I'd love meet you
in an intimate moment.

Some call it smooching,
others speak of necking.
I just want to express myself
in the language of the lips.

Perhaps to pause, and start again,
no time limit to be imposed.
We'll have our fill of fury shared,
until we find our desires fulfilled.

Gender does not matter,
passion knows no bound.
A kiss seeks its destiny
on breath of ardour shared.

Your lips are but the start,
to sample more is my delight.
The ear, the neck, very nice,
but perhaps to go lower still.

I'll kiss you, you'll kiss me,
this is how it was meant to be.
Connection is our only goal
as we explore love's border.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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