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Poem - Lights In Your Hair

Sometimes I write about fanciful things, large sociopolitical matters, or emotional ponderings. Other times I write about people I know, honoring them in a bit of verse.

Lights in Your Hair
Poem for Day 095 – 20150405

Lovely lady, daughter of the fields,
child of the fairies, lights in your hair,
spin the hoops as I watch in delight,
movement inspired in dusk's twilight.

Travel is your heart's calling,
no time too long in one place,
seeking that which was lost,
or perhaps not found to start.

Artist and thinker, speaker of language,
focus your eye on the world apparent,
transform our sight with your vision,
a world awaits a true revelation.

You've so much to offer, in so little time,
measured in thoughts of of like kind.
I wish I could witness the outcomes
for they are what dreams are made of.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: friend, poem, poetry

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