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Poem - Anxiety

Depression comes in many forms. The willingness to give up also comes from a variety of sources. One of those is anxiety, and the exhaustion of fear that comes with it.

Poem for Day 096 – 20150406

To wear the mask of a normal man,
working and doing as everyone can.
You do not see the frozen sides,
a life crippled by the hidden enemy.
To be in the grip of numbing fear,
anxiety's minion claws in me,
unable to act on my own,
tucked in the fetal is my safe zone.

Contracts and pleasure, these alone,
are executed with fresh abandon.
All else is the enemy, life undone,
by things that may never come.
So many options, few are taken,
so much to do, nothing is done.
This is the outcome of an evil foe,
the mind turned in fear against itself.

Here is the cruelest joke of all,
the ace card of the enemy,
I'd rather die than fully confront
the hidden hand of my opponent.
If I should go, people will want to know,
why did he leave too early?
Answer them this, I was too afraid of living,
and not afraid enough of dying.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: anxiety, depression, poem

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