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Poem - Dreaming of Dancing

Listening to Big Band swing gets the melodies in your head. With them as a guide, one can crank out a quick set of swing lyrics. Granted, it’s not about food (inside swing joke), but it is about dance! And… it helps that I have some fabo swing partners to inspire me.

Dreaming of Dancing
Poem for Day 097 – 20150407

I’m dreaming of dancing, wide awake,
dreaming of dancing with you tonight.
I wouldn’t be anywhere else but there
in your arms, the music guiding our steps.
Because we’re meant to dance, to glide,
dancing together to celebrate life.

I’m dreaming of dancing, with you dear,
I’d be with nobody else if I could
because to you I can relate
this love of dance, adoration of you,
you’re the only one I want to share
the thrill of dancing together tonight.

I’m dreaming of dancing, nothing more,
you’re in my thoughts as I pace,
a rock step made to celebrate
a future with you in dancing heaven,
this eve with you close at hand
I’ll dance till the clock calls us home.

I dreaming of dancing, dream come true,
Your smile entrances me, lights my night,
your touch seduces me, takes my breath,
I see nobody but you my dear.
My life is complete in this moment,
to dance with you is my dream delight.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dancing, dreaming, poem

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