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Poem - Lunch with Cat

I was looking over the daily Facebook postings and saw one about a friend Steven. Somehow the phrase “Lunch with Cat Stevens” came to mind. A poem idea! A bit of researching revealed a timing synchronicity between Yusef Islam and myself, with the result being the poem “Lunch with Cat”.

Lunch with Cat
Poem for Day 098 – 20150408

I had lunch with Cat Stevens,
We had sandwich and tea,
and talked about fateful year
that I was born and his music was new,
Selma marched and we began.

I had lunch with Cat Stevens,
it is hard to believe.
He went by the name Yusuf,
and told me of the year I was born,
all the way back in 1965.

He said it was a wild world,
Malcolm X was shot, LA burned,
Asia was bombed while Beatles thrived,
the hair got longer while the skirts shrank,
while the Devil danced in the streets.

A moonshadow followed us all,
so much to lose, but don’t you fret,
we’ll speak our words, play the tunes,
music for God with lyrics of the heart,
years gone by and we’re still here.

I had lunch with Cat Stevens,
speaking of the year of the snake.
Water under the bridge,
smoke across troubled waters,
years gone by and we’re still here.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: 1965, cat stevens, poem, yusef

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