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Post - Buddhist Kiss

Life has its twist and turns. More often the path less traveled is ignored. Those who travel it are left to invent their own worlds and then bear responsibility for the creations therein.

Buddhist Kiss
Poem for Day 099 – 20150409

You must be Buddhist she said,
I responded that I’d felt like that.
So much shown in youthful eyes,
enough to fill the world in a thimble.

We waited on the street corner,
cars whizzing past as background.
The future in motion, largely untested,
she was grounded in a place I could not see.

I’d kiss her if I could, full on the lips,
the world might think us to be lovers.
The act would bring us closer,
while confirming the space held in between.

Time stands still, waiting for more.
To come so far, and have nowhere to go.
To die a little is the only way to live
at creation’s edge, thousand feet high.

She was not Buddhist, not in the least,
but to her heart I could fully relate.
A kiss issued in solemn resolution,
given by one with no right to take.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: buddhist, intimacy, kisses

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