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Poem - Future Memories of Days Past

The spiritual / metaphysical aspects of photography have always interested me. The photos I take today will be imperfect reminders of the past. They will be seen differently than from how they are seen now. It is also probable that my photography will outlive myself and the subjects of work. Such rich, if perhaps disturbing, thoughts.

Future Memories of Days Past
Poem for Day 100 – 20150410

I am your humble photographer,
here to record a single moment
in a long train of minutes marching
into a time we've yet to see.
I bear witness to these echoes,
not yet resounding through time,
as one who will sent away
when you have reached my age.

The eyes captures a reality set,
my hands edit the factual content.
The outcome is the very best
of who you are in this time focused.
You are so sexy, so handsome too,
a slice of time beholden to beauty.
The clock progresses, moves ever onward,
leaving behind the ones come before.

The moment has passed, gone forever,
this photo a revenant in our futurity.
Then not be haunted by the now,
life is too short for such concerns.
With a button's push I've captured
future memories of days past.
Glimpses of who you are now
to be seen by the one you're yet to be.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: memories, photograpy, poem

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