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Poem - Snowflake

Beauty comes in many forms. Some are aesthetically pleasing. Others are horrifically arresting. All come from a place of unique creation, culminating in the one recognized as beautiful.

Bonus Poem for Day 102 – 20150412

She is beauty, jewel of mankind.
A rarity in my world, seen from afar,
Consume my breathe, still my rapt heart.
My vision of reality is remade.

Look not to surface loveliness,
her beauty goes much more deep.
Enough to wake my sleeping soul,
to bear witness to one still slumbering.

How can I describe what I see?
Words are not enough to reveal
the power of a being in my sight,
radiant in all things, life complete.

The struggle and the victories,
the compromise and the defeats,
they've created one quite unique
a snowflake in my field of dreams,

Divine breathed, creating you here,
a work in progress, moving forward.
I nod in recognition to a life
of beauty, grace, and so much more.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: beautiful, beauty, poem, unique

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