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Poem - Instructions for Liberttists

I was in the bookstore and I thought that I'd check out the books on writing poetry. Well, I was in for a surprise. There were no books on writing poetry, not unless you count the sole copy of “Poetry for Dummies”. There were many many books of poetry by poets. This gives me insight into the special nature of poets. They are self created and not trained.

Instructions for Liberttists
Poem for Day 104 – 20150414

Look to the shelves for wry instruction
to see how the words are connected,
browse the books of poet's training.

Nothing seen, no tomes of wisdom,
on self creation of the bard's words,
shelves are empty for the searchers there.

Only rows of liberttist offerings,
the output of a hundred souls,
with no hint of how they came to be.

So how to learn the poetic method?
What is the journeyman meant to do,
in pursuit of keys to the rhyme's verse?

Look to the wide breadth of writings,
from the poets, both old and new,
posed to share their words with you.

You will see what has been done,
to be inspired to pen your own cantos,
and in this way a poet is trained.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: instruction, poem, poet, poetry

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