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Poem - Practice Makes Perfect

I saw a blog entry about the value of practice. It had some good points. This inspired me to write a different kind of poem. I’ve been practicing daily with my poetry. As of this poem, I have over 200 online “published” poems to my name. I wanted to write a poem about the practice making perfect. It is different because it is not about angst or love, dance or sex, abandonment or betrayal. It is about practice. Practicing on a potentially dry subject allows to me stretch my poetry muscles that much more, and with that stretching, I get a little better.

Practice Makes Perfect
Poem for Day 105 – 20150415

Practice makes perfect they say,
a goal that is worthy perhaps,
but there other utilities gained in pursuit
of a thing repeated time again.

Imitation is the practice's beginning,
borne on the shoulders of giants.
In time you will stand out from the crowd,
with a personal style called your own.

Mistakes may be made, and often are,
in the space of rehearsing a craft.
Forgiveness of faults is much easier
when they are a regular part of your life.

Knowledge is gained, stored within,
learned from every mistake therein.
In time you will be wise beyond your years,
with practice the hero of issues to bear.

In time natural action will gracefully replace
the need to analyze every move.
The craft will be more natural,
with memory implanted by rote.

Lastly, and this is the most magical,
the small details will all pass away,
the minor actions transcended by larger,
and your work will become nearly perfect to all.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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