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Poem - Dance Declarative

I awoke this morning with the first two lines of "Dance Declarative" in my head. The rest of the poem came easy. The end result is poem written in the style of lyrics looking for a tune. While the poem is more romantically slanted than the relationships with my regular dance partners, I do have an easy comradery with them, and these connections inspired me to complete the rest of the poem.

Dance Declarative
Poem for Day 106 – 20150416

Dance is my declarative,
and you are my imperative.
The floor is ours to grace,
so let's join in our sweet embrace.

Fleet of feet, I'll take the lead,
with you by my side nobody will deny
that we have the night's mojo
as the band leader takes command.

We pace ourselves in pure delight,
each other's company quite enough
to transform this chance meeting
into the first of many greetings.

You've got my hand, my eager steps,
a mutual love connection I'll bet.
Your eyes share recognition,
hearts echo mutual contribution.

Never leave my side tonight dear,
if you must, make it duration short,
cause I'm grown attached to you,
can't imagine life without you.

Now dance is our declarative,
to each other an imperative.
We'll dance tonight, with more to come,
you by my side, dancing on and on.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, partners, poem, poetry, romance

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