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Poem - Swing Dancing With You

It could be the challenge of learning new moves. It could be the freedom of interpreting the music in combination with my partner’s abilities. It could be the amazing beauty and talent of my dance partners. It’s probably all of that that has made me fall in love with swing dancing.

Swing Dancing With You
Poem for Day 107 – 20150417

There's nothing I rather do,
there's no place I'd want to be.
Just one thing on my mind,
preoccupying my every thought,
and that's the anticipation
of going swing dancing with you.

We could do the contra thing,
we could two-step in a line,
but that wouldn't satisfy my desire,
the one deep down in my feet,
expressed in a burning need
of going swing dancing with you.

I could dance with anyone,
I've got the moves to show my stuff,
and it's the sociable thing to do,
but darling they're not the same,
I just don't get that thrill
of going swing dancing with you.

So get your coat, put on your shoes,
we're going out tonight my dear.
Gotta say the dance hall called,
they've saved our spot on the floor,
we've got a date, and that's one
of going swing dancing with you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, dancing, poem, poetry

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