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Poem - Cuts Unseen

The poem “Cuts Unseen” is quite dark. It describes some of the motivation behind the act, and states that self-mutilation comes in many forms. It was inspired by a social media friend who struggles as many do, and does so in a way that invites pained inspection.

Cuts Unseen
Bonus Poem for Day 108 – 20150418

I cut myself,
to a bone unseen,
visceral separated
on another plane.
You don't view it,
it is hidden from sight,
but the harm done
bleeding gallons
as my soul expires.
If I could cut
in plain sight
you would know
that I hurt inside.
Instead I slash
in places hidden,
a cry to the world
not heard by any.
Praise those who cut
in visible sight,
not for the act itself,
instead that you can see
while they are still here,
and not quietly fading
away from cuts unseen.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: cutting, poem, poetry

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