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Poem - Sad Echoes

There are social events and then there are activities that ought to be social events. The poem “Sad Echoes” is about the latter.

Sad Echoes
Poem for Day 109 – 20150419

Sad echoes of shared acts,
life's most intimate connections
played out in a mind single,
acted out in sole soliloquy
on life's stage meant for two.

At least one, or a dozen,
ghostly allies in a selfish quest.
Push through the middle, find the end,
journey the pleasurable payment
towards a return embraced alone.

How many times is enough,
when craving becomes a habit?
To connect so many people,
in ways oh so intimate,
still nothing to show for the effort.

Frank images viewed to excite,
lurid words read to self.
A single goal set to mind,
completion is reward itself,
empty echoes of original acts.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: intimacy, poem, poetry
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