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Poem - Bard's Gift

I've been blogging since 2007. In the past year my written expressions were limited to the introductions of my poems. Why? I've found poetry to be a powerful vehicle for stating so much in such a small space. The words wrap around themselves, transporting both the poet and the reader to a sum greater than the individual words combined. The poem “Bard's Gift” is about a poet writing about troubled lovers, illustrating the poet's role in imagined imagery.

Bard's Gift
Poem for Day 111 – 20150421

Ponderings of a love denied.
expressed in poet's verse sublime.
Lyrical offerings fat with rhyme,
coldly judging as words combine.

Spin a tale of couple romantic,
sequestered together as they dance,
seeking solution to life's mysteries
or end to shared misery.

It's about life, and something more,
reality twisted to reveal the submerged.
Emotions tested and then confirmed
in lyric's statement of love proffered.

Could the end be worst than present?
Lovers seek that something beyond,
solution to romantic gambit,
testing bonds of love's resolution.

Still the prose continues on,
spilling words of found imagery,
suggesting an end most extreme,
for lovers star crossed on the edge.

Freeing moments from life's prison,
together for a time far to short.
Whispers echo to each other,
canyons divide love entwined.

The poet seeks words to express
the urges only two can feel.
Sadly the outcome is forlorn,
writing stumbles where lovers leap.

Hands reach, striving to fly afar,
seek to take hearts and lives alike.
If only the bard could deliver
a gift to two people so deserving.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: lovers, poem, poetry, purpose

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