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Poem - Miss You

Online social media has created the opportunity to maintain friendships with people who were met in passing, or perhaps, never met in person at all. The poem “Miss You” is about the depth of relationship maintained in the digital space.

Miss You
Poem for Day 111 – 20150421

How can I say I miss you
when we've never met?
How can I miss your touch
while miles stretch between us?

The days pass, too many to count,
you've been important in my life,
since time long ago, and still I wait,
I am here and you are there.

I've never heard your voice,
not even a whispered mutter,
but your words echo loud in my mind,
substitute for vocal utterings.

Your welfare matters to me,
though we have no shared interests,
other than a desire for the best
to be visited up you distant companion.

Our mutual future is still unknown,
and yet I plan, or should I say long,
for us to continue on, miles separated,
while I continue to miss you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: poem, relationships

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