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Poem - DJ Play

There’s one person at a swing dance that can either make or break the evening. That person is… the DJ! Our local swing dance community is blessed with a masterful DJ (Paul!). The songs played can influence the mood you’re in, influence how you dance , and even who you dance with! The poem “DJ Play” is about the times that the DJ gets it just right, the partner is just right, and dance transports the participants to a place just this side of sin.

DJ Play
Poem for Day 112 – 20150422

DJ play our favorite songs,
the ones that make us move
like we are lusty lovers,
though that's not really true.

You've moved us beyond this world,
to a place where we are all alone,
in our thoughts, partner so near,
our reason to dance made so clear.

Tap that place, way deep down,
inhibition leave us now,
we've got dancing to do,
and you know it's called the Blues.

Find those sexy grooves,
the ones that match our mood,
to dance with our clothes on,
but feel like we've been disrobed.

DJ play our favorite songs,
you've done your part, move along.
don't fret about our dance delight,
cause you've made this night just right.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, dancers, dj, poem

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