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Poem - No Magic

I finished listening to the 7th Odd Thomas novel, Saint Odd, by Dean Koontz. There was lots of good feelings, hard sacrifices, and a generous sprinkling of fairy dust. I’m a firm believer in magic, and do a bit myself, but the true magic of the world lays beyond the flashy glitz. It exists in the moments of life when mutual existence is both acknowledged and respectively shared. In this place there is a magic that we can all experience.

No Magic
Poem for Day 113 – 20150423

Some say there’s no magic,
but I know that’s not so,
in many ways the truth is exposed.

See it expressed everyday
in the love of the people,
who owe you no due.

It is in the stranger’s dance,
or a partner you know,
of music and motion shared.

A spark of selfish caring,
held only to consider self,
so life may ever flourish.

The smile of a friend,
so bright and so wide,
to touch the heart, ease the mind.

Connecting in ways tender,
regardless of age or gender,
life’s voids breached together.

To know a thousand things,
and accept the multitude mysteries
that combine in life’s tempest fury.

Intimacy shared in many ways,
a mural with variations on a theme,
one’s need to feel mutually complete.

Art takes the breath to return life,
a moment of reflection asked therein,
as majesty of God’s grace is revealed.

Feeling safe in another’s presence,
to be in the place meant to be,
paths meet across an eternity.

Sensing life’s flow, in a moment,
to see correct action for time and place,
and to act with grace of surety.

These samples are life’s magic,
the ones that’s I seen
in my short span amongst friends.

Some say there’s no magic,
but there is if you look to the world
and see God’s spark in all of us.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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