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Poem - Poem's Revelation

I find it funny that a large number of my poems are sensual love letters . Is an engineer supposed to write such stuff? Should poetry just be about angst and pain and tortured souls? The explanation seems easy. While I do struggle with self-worth, self-love issues, I am madly in love with the beauty of the world as a whole. As a result I end up writing sappy, sometimes randy, poems about love and its place in our lives.

Poem’s Revelation
Poem for Day 114 – 20150424

If they could weigh the world,
the measure of every soul,
the height of every heart,
They’ll never truly know
why we are not meant to be apart.

Dare I pen a poem, pay homage to you?
Will they learn of your magic,
the place I hold you in life?
I'll take the risk, danger unknown,
to praise you and reveal the source.

You are greater than a sum
of everything combined in one.
The moon, the sun, galaxies beyond,
hold no candle to your presence,
creation’s pinnacle, delight to behold.

Sultry seductress, chaste companion,
and all of life's roles in between.
Touch my heart, bless my soul,
stroke my body, be oh so bold,
treasured traveler on life's trail.

You take my breath away,
rob me of speak coherent.
I can't confess to you that
I’d lose the world, my life in fact,
to have you always by my side.

So I pen a poem, a love letter to you.
I don't care if others know,
their envy confirms my knowing,
that I'm blessed with another,
the best that the world can offer.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: lovers, poem, romance, truth

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