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Poem - Here

“Here” is a pain about medication, whatever the path. People self-medicate with pharmaceuticals, food, and activities. This existence is in the gray area between addiction, survival, and life unwanted.

Bonus Poem for Day 115 – 20150425

Where am I
when the friend
is not

What am I
when life is before
I take the remedy?

Night and day,
it seems to be,
interplay between
what comes before,
living death,
and the place
I'd rather be.

Happiness illusive,
I grasp at it,
realize it,
enough to know
that I exist
without it.

Step away
authority says.
Beware the trap
society says.

Turn my back
on voices unhelpful,
and wonder why
they cannot see
my pain inside,
the place I live,
when I am not

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: depression, life, medication

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