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Poem - Little Buzzed

The space between creativity and being creatively disabled is being a little buzzed or a lot.

Little Buzzed
Poem for Day 117 – 20150427

To be a little buzzed,
just enough to lift
the edge from life
and not enough to
tip it on its side.

So one skirts the
blurred line.
Find the place.
Reality a bubble
to the right.

Too much is quite
But to repeat again.
More than enough
gone too far.

Why leave at all?
What is the call?
Reality rough,
departure calls
the weakened soul.

So I impart,
the need to depart,
a bump imbibed,
a little at a time
or all at once.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: buzzed, drunk, poem

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