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Poem - Meet Again

One of the bitter-sweet aspects of social dancing is that I am only able to do it a limited number of times each week. I am left waiting, longing for, the next event. I enjoy myself, thoroughly, and then it is over. Another week to exist in until we meet again. Dedicated to those who I do look forward to seeing each week!

Meet Again
Poem for Day 120 – 20150430

Mutual meeting, suspended in time,
here to short, interval too long,
forgetting the details a little each day
until all that remains is the need
to have something to remember again.

Meals eaten, others met,
time passes, we are separate.
A series of events, progressing,
no purpose therein, on a path,
a trail, turning back to you.

Can I wait?
No choice, I must pretend,
that life has purposes,
outwardly existing,
in these desert valleys.

Your eyes,
and another day passes,
your laugh,
night follows day,
wheel turns and I journey on.

Metronome tick the time,
mark the spaces without the one.
Poetic words, impartial sentinels
remind me, guide me, until that time
I return to the mutual meeting again.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: encounters, poem, social

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