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Poem - Emotional Me

A truly beautiful soul, for whom I think the world, expressed a concern regarding their feeling of emotions. They are one of those souls who are fearless and a little raw. These outward expressions hide the inner quandary of emotional identity. They saw themselves as an extroverted introvert. I can relate in a way, seeing myself as an introverted extrovert. The destination is similar. Sometimes the expressing is confused with the feeling. An apparent lack of expressing is seen as having a lack of feeling. My poem “Emotional Me” is an exploration of the reconciliation between the expression of emotions and the feeling of emotions.

Emotional Me
Poem for Day 120 – 20150501

What is an emotion,
if I have one,
how will I know?
Would I qualify,
be duly justified,
for an emotion,
if I display a smirk
or weep at a show?
Must I cackle with mirth,
cry you a river,
jump with joy,
or punch a jerk?

Can I have an emotion
that is down key,
felt only by me,
with no evidence for you to see?
I'll be content with
a job done well enough.
I'll smile inside
at life's twisted twirks.
I'll be madly in love
in the most unrequited way.

You'll push me to show,
to reveal to you,
my emotional side.
I'll state that I
don't have any to share.
Know that deep down,
away from you my friend,
hidden from myself,
I have a host of emotions
broiling and turning.

Beware my friend,
enemies warned double,
there are things you'd
rather not see.
Some call it rage,
I say it is anger,
stuffed down deep.
Ready to smash,
myself its prime target.
Ready to scream,
at a world divorced from me.

My lust is a tempest capped,
for life, and love,
and things best unsaid.
To seize life,
pardon the manners,
and taste sweetness,
sour at the edges,
bloody in the middle.
So I smile, and defer,
to a world unready
for my deepest desires.

What is an emotion?
May I have a few please?
Look inward, there they are.
I'll show a few, precious minority,
and wonder if I have
them at all.
I'll console myself,
the emotionless portrayal,
and wait for the one
to which I can express
the breadth of emotional me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: emotion, expression, lust, poem, rage

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