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Poem - Dance and Death

I suspect that my future tome of poetry will be named something like “Statements of Dance and Death”. The poem “Dance and Death” is a free style pondering of the topics I often write about.

Dance and Death
Poem for Day 123 – 20150503

Poems of death
lyrics of love
rhymes of dance
rituals of life's charade
these I chronicle
share more than I should
in a stream of thought
as I reveal myself to you.

Of death I mean change
both big and small
conclusions and climaxes
interruptions all
made to life's flow
the differences you see
are longevity's voice
spoken in poem's prose.

Love is a theme
lust for the world
beauty the candle
to my desire core
what of the age
the difference between
life so admired
and my measured age.

Lastly see dance
a mixing of both
the death and beauty
combined in the heart
the result is sensual
carnal delight
in poetry's language
for salacious friends.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, death, love, poem, poetry

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