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Gap in the Wall

Love, and its lesser self, attraction, can intrude on a person’s normally solitude existence.  The person says “I am fine here with me, myself, and I.  Then, BAM, the walls are breached.  There is one person who cannot be ignored.  There is that one soul who demands attention: the thief of love.

Gap in the Wall
Poem for Day 124 – 20150504

Time had entombed me,
cold place alone.
No lover’s touch here
in my heart’s redoubt.
From a gap in the wall,
a door in the fortress,
You’re calling me out,
from my forced within.

Thief in the night,
pry open the gate
using your innate charm
on this hidden soul.
I sought to be removed,
far from the likes of you,
but here you are beguiler,
the one I’d need to meet.

My resolve has been melted
by a person unexpected
but I do not regret intrusion
on a hermit’s solitude.
Be you near or far,
you have the same effect
on this solitary soul,
longing to be none the sort.

I’d almost given up,
living not really my thing,
but now you’re here in my life,
I have a reason to continue on.
Gap in the wall,
light shining in,
thief make your entrance
and rescue my lonely heart.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: hermit, isolation, poem, romance

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