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Poem - Radio Man

People engage in social dance for many reasons. They all come with their personalities, desires, predilections, and hang-ups. In this mix there are the aggressively flirtatious. Those not in this category are often baffled by the interplays. The truth of the matter is that the flirtatious can recognize each other in just a soulful glance or a lingering touch. The resulting interaction appears indiscrete, but know that there are rules in play, barriers fully in place, and expectations much shallower than the outsider viewer may understand.

Radio Man
Poem for Day 125 – 20150505

Radio man, send the signal,
broadcast our fervent intent,
deep running, beneath the waves,
to those on our frequency discreet.
Eyes attuned to lusty look,
bodies search for correlations
to desires of contact, sharing
that others cannot discern.

Hidden handshake, returned in kind,
signals intentions of like mind.
Caution warns of immediate trap,
disregard, full steam ahead.
Antechamber of delights,
bright solarium, ruby lights,
admittance given most discrete
to those engaged in the dance.

Grand illusion, naked truth,
lusty veneer presented here,
stroke the surface, but no more,
with life's armor underneath.
Prelude to a vision ever hidden,
appetizer of meal never had,
partake of the meager morsel,
main course ever out of hand.

Radio man, send the signal,
find those who will answer,
with bravado of the sort
that identifies a similar soul.
I will dance with them this night,
delve deep into another one
who shares so much at a glance,
and perhaps suffers just as much.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, dancing, flirt, flirting, poem

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