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Poem - Your Poem

How do I write my romantic poems? I still can’t believe that sappy stanzas are one of my norms, but nonetheless, they are part of my creative output. I tap into what I know and feel. My lovely spouse is a start. From there I imagine elements of friends and acquaintances, both current and past. A total picture is formed, and I end up speaking my romantic praise to a world at large.

Your Poem
Poem for Day 126 – 20150506

How do I write your poem,
the one that best explains
your place in this wide world?

How to put my thoughts to page,
words to speak out loud
the breadth of magical you?

There is no language, no words known,
that describes a singular,
that explains you to the world.

I could exclaim your beauty,
plain to the eye, apparent to all,
but this is only surface deep you see.

I could appreciate your humor,
funny and frank, cutting yet kind,
but this belies the deep down you.

I could reflect the spiritual side,
learned unto life's tribulations,
but there is more to contribute.

The truth of the matter,
the crux of your existence,
is that you are a match to my soul.

While I am unworthy of this time,
struggling to pay my way,
you lift me up unready to the world.

There I stand, realized in light
of one complete, God's first child,
angelic consort to one so low.

I am made better, purpose returned,
still flawed, cracked incarnation,
but seen whole in the light of you.

I write your poem, with a twist.
To explain you, the one I adore,
is to explain your place in my world.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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