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Poem - Loving You

Listening to swing music gets me in the mood to write a bit of romantic prose. The poem “Loving You” is dedicated to those with whom I had incredibly intimate relationships. They are in the past, no longer intimate in the present, but the love created continues on to this day.

Loving You
Poem for Day 129 – 20150509

Decades have passed and still you command
a portion of my waking thoughts.
Time sped by, chasing in the future,
and still you bring a smile to this one.

We were once intimate, more than most,
lovers perhaps, only we will know,
in that past time, so long ago,
you were the very best to me.

Your touch, your laugh, precious to me.
Along with your thoughts, your company.
I was blessed by your companionship,
echoing until this current future day.

We are separate, miles between us,
commitments incompatible,
earnest vows made to other ones,
but this does not lessen a feeling.

You are precious still, a vibrant soul.
We maybe older, no longer maybe lovers,
in its place something more sincere,
an easy way to keep on loving you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: intimate, lovers, past, poem, poetry

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