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Poem - Wake to Music

Music plays an incredibly important role in my life. While I am only small bit player (North American Flute) in the musical world, other’s output both entertains me and keeps me sane.

Wake to Music
Poem for Day 135 – 20150515

Wake to music to speak my soul,
song running circles in my mind.
Too dazed to walk, with a desire to hear
melodies speak to an inner ear.
You'll see a dance step here and there,
body responds to siren call,
sway in motion to techno tempo,
close the eyes to feel what's real.

Self made DJ takes no requests,
mix tape only one could love,
guitar solo rides percussion wave
as Lords of Acid flails my brain.
Sane man's soundtrack in a mad world,
hold back the silence with the words,
substitute a tune when language fails,
rhythmic beat companion to my world view.

Transport me away from the now,
to a dimension of sparkly sounds,
there the present is removed,
combined with the best of all things.
I remember you held in my arms,
musical echo of good past times,
held to heart when you're not here,
melodic memories of years now past.

Wake to music to speak my soul,
distracted from death's constant pull,
specter of reality begone from here,
music be my savior in many forms.
I couldn't exist without this remedy,
salve to my soul, sounds in my head,
it matters not to hear it again,
only that I remember to live again.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: lyrics, music, poem, poetry, sountrack

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