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Poem - The Star of 3

Some people are dominate in our lives even when they are not present. Some people stand beside us in physical or metaphorical company when others come and go. The poem “The Start of 3” is about such a person in my life.

The Star of 3
Poem for Day 136 – 20150516

Illumination of a past life,
faint has a star may be,
it still blinded my sight
in the love known by twilight.

Never lovers by fate's decree,
thwarted during time's progression.
Still the adoration did not lessen,
deep connections beneath the skin.

Others came after you,
a steady beat through the years,
but none could compare
to the one that came before.

Miles may separate,
life's choices even greater,
too much time has passed,
and still I love the Star.

Distant orb of shining light,
hidden from eyes by horizon,
I still know you are there,
I still know that you care.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: friendship, poem, poetry

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