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Poem - Unwelcome Companion

The poem "Unwelcome Companion" is about an element of many peoples' lives. It is predominate when people are older. The unfortunate young are also familiar with it. The poem has a fairytale ending stanza. Actual life is much less pleasant, but I will save that for another poem.

Unwelcome Companion
Poem for Day 138 – 20150518

Unwelcome companion,
dogging my steps
never leaving my side
wicked follower undesired.
Why must you hound me,
to never give me peace?
I asked for you not,
even if my past deeds said yes.

Handmaiden to my body,
lending your cold hand,
raking me with hot talons,
marks rarely seen and always felt.
Monster's form hidden behind
guise of nursemaid constant.
I'm here to help she mutters
as I writhe in her touch obscene.

Counselor to my desires,
what am I allowed this day?
Dictate my passions,
frustrate my battered soul.
Here I lay in your prison,
distanced from things I crave,
and still you advise
my pleasure is to just survive.

Bring your soldiers,
combatants arrayed in ranks,
capsules and liquids,
to carry on the good fight.
The recruits mutiny,
rebel against the greater good,
and bring the whole of me
to my knees in battle's breadth.

Despot of my life,
you are so many things:
companion, nursemaid,
counselor, soldier.
I only wish you were one more,
perhaps it is too much
for a thing like you to be,
I only wish you were my friend.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: pain, poem, poetry

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