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Poem - Why I Share

One of the loveliest souls I've ever met expressed an inability to find satisfaction and wholesomeness in life. I can relate. There are aspects of my past life, and things in the vicinity of my day-to-day life, that no longer have the meaning that they had in the past. I find some remedy in the act of sharing. I've observed others, including the lovely soul, sharing in ways that I don't and I believe they are seeking similar cures. The poem "Why I Share" is about the many aspects, good and bad, of sharing. For my part, sharing is a vehicle to staying engaged with the world, and through this, alive to myself.

Why I Share
Bonus Poem for Day 140 – 20150520

Share a poem, a story, or song,
share my time, my body, my mind.
My sharing, the good and the bad,
is less and more than meets the eye.

I share so others may yet see,
or share to keep them fully blind.
I share to discover the new
or share to obscure the old.

I share to learn something fresh.
or share to forget the past.
I share to connect to another
or share to disconnect from myself.

I share for reasons healthy to me
and for reasons that ought not be.
Before I reveal my true purpose,
take a warning best kept to mind.

Others may share to spread misery,
trollish brutes with an agenda.
Kind reader, this is not my goal.
I am no monster with heart unkind.

I am harmless, please be at ease
I share so I may reveal myself,
surrendering all the good and bad,
so I may resist the urge to die alone.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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