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Poem - Destiny's Destination

I am twice as old as many of my dance friends. I see some of the relationship struggles, and then think back to the people that I've met. My thoughts move to the people I am still meeting, and I realize that life's capacity to surprise is only surpassed by the magic of those who are revealed.

Destiny's Destination
Poem for Day 141 – 20150521

When I was a younger man,
believing I knew of my fate,
with life's mates on this road,
I was the fool with much to learn.
Now I am as young as I will be,
with supposed wisdom earned.
I feel my destiny in the wind,
blown to land I know not where.

I witness a cast of many,
so diverse in variety.
The more I've seen, the less I know
of my connection to the world.
Beauty surrounds me, blinding me,
so many have come and have gone,
parade of others I could desire,
close out hand, out of heart's reach.

A spark seen in twilight's echoes,
the one I did not expect to see,
gift of the gods, seen by only me,
where have you been my missing half?
Faint time left, but still enough
to make a place together here.
My life's unexpected partner,
beauty bequest to this humble man.

I thank my blessings this morn,
you are more than I deserve,
that be said, I will accept
destiny's destination of my heart.
If I could take another path,
and up in in another place,
sorrow would be my companion
because I would not be with you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: life, poem, poetry, relationships

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