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Poem - Overnight Success

My introverted extrovert self enjoys doing a bit of artistic creation, be it photos, poems, or a bit of expressive dance. Sometimes I shine. If I do it is only because I’ve been walking that path for a while. The really neat thing about sticking to an artistic effort is the intuitive creative side that manifests after the nitty-gritty technical stuff is (mostly) settled. All of this is the focus of my poem “Overnight Success”.

Overnight Success
Poem for Day 143 – 20150523

Masterful practitioner,
an overnight success,
what is your secret way
to creation's masterpiece?
So asks the uninformed,
enjoying the fruits of years,
gleefully given, well received,
but hard earned by the likes of me.

I have no secret, no sauce to share,
I've made mistakes, more than most,
and in due time, so many years,
I've found myself in this place.
Be it rhythm, rhyme, or meter,
composition’s helpful hand,
the outcome of my meager works
flows from time and effort spent.

Skills earned, tools collected,
these are part, but something more,
not conveyed in lesson or book,
an innate knowing so mysterious.
A hunch of what works and not,
intuit flows of picture and verse,
I am amazed, delightfully so,
of the things put forth to you.

Practice in the art's shadows,
finding a place all your own,
built on giant's past shoulders,
the personal made intimate to you.
A master practitioner you'll be,
an overnight success indeed,
glory in fruits of long past
and look forward to greater things.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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