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Lyrics - Words Spoken

Future avenues for my writing would be spoken word, songs from lyrics, or even a poetry slam. I meant to write about these, and did, but once again I end up with a set of romantic lyrics. Is there any hope for me??? One more work down in my quest to become a jazzy pop lyrical writer.

Words Spoken
Poem for Day 145 – 20150525

Before I met you my words were mute,
silent scribbles of my lone mind.
Now I explore how I can say
how you're the one for me this day.

If I could speak my poems,
bring life to the plain words,
in front of an applauding crowd,
you'd be the center of it all.

Words made verbal, poems expressed,
my love, my muse, ode cherished.

If they could sing my song,
words with music accompaniment,
the spot light would be on them,
but lyrics would be about you.

A poetry slam would echo words
competing with like minded ones
but they would all feel defeat
as I exclaimed my love out loud.

Words made verbal, poems expressed,
my love, my muse, ode cherished.

I'd do it all, they would know
by words expressed to the world,
I've spoken out to one and all,
words of love made vocal to you.

Words made verbal, poems expressed,
my love, my muse, ode cherished,
words spoken for all for hear.
I'll quiet now and hold you near.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: lyrics, performed, poetry, romance, spoken

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