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Poem - Hide in Plain Sight

I was speaking to a friend about how we face forward to the world. Rarely is the full truth shared. This is by agreement of all as we hide in plain sight.

Hide in Plain Sight
Poem for Day 150 – 20150530

We hide in plain sight,
the surface apparent to all,
underneath the truth lays,
a burden to the one who knows.

Perfection is the crutch,
enabler of the outward mask.
Wipe the smooth surface,
as blood fills the hairline cracks.

Shout chants of shelter,
witnessed by a moral world
soothe the conscious apparent,
so others see the holy one.

Wear the smile as a shield,
pleasant for all to see,
underneath the child weeps
and the soul desires only sleep.

And still we play and work,
choreographed from the start,
cry for those not engaged,
refusing to play their part.

Life's seduction is complete,
agreed reality cloaks the eyes.
We are protected from certainty
of seeing our true selves.

The curtain drops on this act,
ask the actors to reveal themselves.
The charade draws to a close,
as we hide in plain sight.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: hiding, masque, perfection, poem

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