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Poem - Being Janet Weiss

I saw a blog that spoke out against the feminization of men’s clothing. The author asserted that the fashion industry was scheming to bring down the pillars of masculinity by inviting men to wear “women’s jeans”. Well, if they made my butt look good I’d be tempted. It wasn’t too long ago that women wearing jeans would have been scandalous to the same ilk of writer. Our outward appearance is our choice. It is part of identity, and that choice is more about being comfortable in our own skins than being about a conspiracy against the pillars of dogma. The poem “Being Janet Weiss” explores the aspects of inward and outward identity.

Being Janet Weiss
Poem for Day 153 – 20150602

Could I be Janet Weiss?
White hat, pink dress, sensible shoes and purse.
Wear the green eye shade
when we swim during the cabaret floor show.
Or nothing at all
with the tender mercies of Frank and Rocky.

Comfortable boxes,
arranged to define reality.
Sensible shoes
worn to enhance my femininity.
See the worlds collide
as I indulge in my own fantasy.

Fabrics arranged
to compliment my sense of well being.
Accessories chosen
to enhance the person I choose to be.
Lifestyle selected
to bring happiness to myself and I.

Would you think me less
of a man if I chose to be beautiful?
The outward garments
may speak to the inward, or perhaps not.
I am still a friend,
who chooses to blue eyeliner over green.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: crossdresser, gender, identity, poem

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