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Poem - The Agenda

My poetry writing seems to be spit between activism, ponderings of depression, celebration of dance, and a bit of naughtiness. The poem “The Agenda” is a poem of activism and celebration. I was inspired by a picture I saw in Tumblr. It featured a young man looking at a book labeled “The Gay Agenda”. A page inside said “Today's Schedule: Be Gay”. The last pane shows the same young man acknowledging success. We all have our struggles to be honest to our “schedule” of propensities, beliefs, desires, and that magic soup of human drive. Those with a bevy of beliefs will label us with the stamp of having an agenda. This may be, but the plan's goal is for us to be ourselves.

The Agenda
Poem for Day 157 – 20150606

Allow me to reveal a secret,
one that enemies will leap on.
Allow me to share aspects of myself,
with the risk of saying too much.

There is an agenda firmly in place,
lived by us on each and every day.
The focus of determination,
the agenda to live the human life.

To be honest to ourselves is
quite a challenge all by itself.
Too many brothers and sisters
are locked in cells of their own.

To appease can bury the soul.
Just to be true is hard enough,
when loved ones' opinions clash
with the human felt honestly.

Finding one that you love:
almost an impossibility.
No plotting plan at work here,
instead just a quest for happiness.

The world has its little boxes.
They would like to stuff us in one,
but we are more than they believe,
we are human and we deserve to be.

The activists may plot and scheme,
this is true the whole world over.
Know that they are a minority
to those who struggle to survive.

Please take note of our agenda,
the one embraced by larger whole.
To be ourselves is our sweetest goal,
life lived with the ones we truly love.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: agenda, honest life, honesty, poem, trueness

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