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Poem - I Smile Not Because

Brave faces are put on with smiling a natural defense. The poem “I Smile Not Because” is a perhaps autobiographical journey of the smile.

I Smile Not Because
Bonus Poem for Day 160 – 20150609

I smile.
Perhaps you know why,
but I don't think you do,
so I'll give you a clue.

Not because I'm sane.
I'm as crazy as they come,
nuthouse in the attic,
confusion in wheel house.

Not because I'm whole.
I'm broken up inside,
shards of broken glass,
fragments of a shattered soul.

Not because I'm pure.
I'm twisted and confused,
depraved in my ways,
wolf amongst the gentle ones.

Not because I'm brave.
I'm fearful of so much,
life forestalled while I hide
from the life I must have.

I smile,
because I've survived.
I smile,
even with the things I'm not.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: depression, poem, smile

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