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Poem - Hipster 2.0

The hipster is dead. Long live the hipster. The next big thing is the yuccie: an unholy mashup of hipster and yuppie. Witness the insufferable hipster with a materialistic, ultra-ambitious yuppie. Beards? Out! 90s soul patches with hats? In! This may seem more ado about cultural trends, but beware the driving force behind the yuccie: Mephisto. The song/poem “Hipster 2.0” moves to a techno / electronic beat.

Hipster 2.0
Poem for Day 162 – 20150611

The hipster era is over,
the time for the yuccie is now.
I'm successful like yuppies,
creative like hipsters,
got my hat to cover the horns.

My naked scalp says less is more.
The full beard was too wholesome,
I’m going to change my style.
Now the goatee acclaims indecency
with bare head and a soul patch.

I’m a disciple of Mephisto,
ready to serve my Faustian overlord.
Making the world more evil place,
sinning one gadget at a time,
sexting is my yuccie passion release.

I’ve got all the moves:
iHellmouth on my smart watch,
666 auto dial on my smart phone,
black mass at the corner bistro,
planting belladonna in the community garden.

Sexually pansexual in the extreme,
lock up both the women and men,
ready to mutually bless with a 69,
Timberlake times two with sexy back,
ambiguous with gender and eager to please.

The lumbersexual is old news,
bring back the new metrosexual.
Love child of Boy George and Harrison Ford,
Bruce Wayne with a twist of Kirk,
Spock going down with Uhura.

I’m your new yuccie,
no tattoos will be showing,
gentrification of my sold soul,
Mephisto claim your property.
Hipster version 2.0.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: hipster, poem, satanic

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