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Poem - Rock and Water

People enter our lives in different ways. Those meant to stay follow a path much like that of a skipping rock. The first encounter is followed by a second. Others follow, the time between each becoming smaller. Relationships are formed to manage the developing situation. Ultimately the “skipping” ends, and the two form a lasting bond. The timing of this can vary from person to person. The physics of relationships is incredibly complex. The poem “Rock and Water” examines the meeting of people through the lens of the skipping rock analogy.

Rock and Water
Poem for Day 163 – 20150612

Thrown from an unknown distance,
somewhere in time and space,
the rocks meets the first encounter
on the surface of another's space.

First contact met with a splash,
ripples in life project out,
and then the rock leaves again
skyward on a separate path.

Another encounter between the two,
another skip of encounter brief.
The beginning of pattern is set in motion,
above and below are destined to meet

The interval of impact cut in half,
the next by that much, again and again.
A series of bounces of rock and water,
coming more quickly as velocity falters.

The fateful moment is fast approaching,
the separation may no longer persist.
And then what was meant to be happens,
rock settles to water and the two are merged.

The sky left behind, the connection constant.
Two have become one below the surface.
An ending begins the rest of our lives,
rock one with water, surface left behind.

This is my life with those around me,
roles exchanged as rock and water.
Bouncing and sinking, moving and dancing,
so many souls skipping and meeting.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: destiny, poem, relationships

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