Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Most Haunted and Witches

My girlfriend and I watch Most Haunted ( on the Travel Channel. She is a wonderful witch and I am more shamanic. We really like the show, and very much respect the capabilities of Derek Acorah, the show's medium. However, my girlfriend gets the shivers when Derek starts talking about "witches". Understand, most of the time he is not talking about modern people, and all of the time he is talking about those who worked in the evil(er) side of witchcraft. So, Derek seems to only use the "witch" word when he is talking about the dark side of the craft. My girlfriend and I kinda said, "let's call those black magic guys warlocks, whether they're male or female, and send Derek a letter letting him know about this political non-correctness".

This brings up two questions for me...

What connection do modern witches have with the prior generation of those who practiced black magic? We cannot pretend it did not happen in the past, or even say it is not happening now. Do we, as light-and-love witches. disavow our brothers and sisters that practice dark arts? What is a dark art? What is black magic? Some people think that love spells are dark, while others seem to believe that witchcraft was invented so love spells could be done. When does a witch cross the line and become a warlock/sorcerer? Are they no longer witches?

2nd question. Should Derek be condemned for using the word "witch" in the way he does? He is a spirit medium and not a witch. It is not in his experience or jargon to be politically correct about the word. When he says "witch", he seems to be saying "practitioner of the black magic". Should he change for us?

If Derek should change, should those who use the word "liberal" as a moniker be condemned? How about those (and I include myself in this category) who use the word "republican" with a certain hint of disdain?

Words word words... can't live with them, can't live without them.

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