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Lyrics - Heaven's Memory

Listening to the Placebo internet radio station will lean the lyricist in darker directions. My poem “Heaven's Memory” is about fondly remembered people no longer in our lives. It is about the perceived terrible difference between what once was and what is now.

Heaven's Memory
Poem for Day 171 – 20150620

There was a time when heaven
was incarnate in this place.
Now glimpses are all I have,
enough to live but not to love.
Echoes of hope bouncing
across gaps in the worlds.
Heaven has been displaced,
memory is all I have left.

Heaven has left,
memory in its place.
Heaven no more.

Is my soul is the only price
for a memory of heaven?
Excursion harshly blessed by
a single photo, dance, or song.
Memory flickers at their touch,
others a poor amor substitute,
the songs signposts of places lost,
heaven's void filled with my tears.

Heaven has left,
memory in its place.
Heaven no more.

What was my role in that place?
I forget how I came by the luck,
the fortune to walk in heaven,
by fate's desire to taunt me now.
Heaven lost to move the world,
time's price for the good of all.
I'll pay my due, dance the tune,
take my excursions where I can.

Heaven has left,
memory in its place.
Heaven no more,
no more since you're gone.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: heaven, loss, lyrics, memory, poem

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