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Poem - Gay, Probably

I came across a personal exclamation while cruising friends of friends on Tumblr. The tumblr member ended their description with the words “gay, probably”. My thoughts on this produced the poem “Gay, Probably”.

Gay, Probably
Poem for Day 172 – 20150621

Gay, probably,
look for the signs,
the tell tales
of a life my own.

Gay, probably,
should you ask my lovers,
if they know
which way I swing?

Gay, probably,
life another way,
another simple label
for life more complex.

Gay, probably,
but if you knew
who I really was this
tag would not be enough.

Gay, probably,
here's the thing,
I don't know
if it really matters.

Gay probably,
or maybe not,
either way it is
the way I'm meant to be.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: gay, poem, question

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