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Poem - Answer

What happens when I have a period of days without dance? I write raw philosophical poems. The poem “Answer” is about the attempt the “fix” the world by focusing on those that are different from ourselves. Something is broken, but it's not the world.

Bonus Poem for Day 172 – 20150621

Do you have that sick feeling,
there is something amiss here?
I'll confirm this if it helps,
but you'll not like the answer I have.

Life askew, turned right sideways,
with me in the crosshair's center.
Make a correction to mend the box,
redress the flaw found in your world.

You could fix me if I were broken,
patch me if I were cracked,
fill the voids with your shame
that I'm not the same as you.

The stain is not on my skin,
the blemish is not in my religion,
the blasphemy is not my sexuality,
look inside if you want the source.

Do you have that sick feeling
that would ease if I were gone?
You give me too much credit,
I'm not the answer you seek.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: answer, judgement, poem

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