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Poem - Remembered Most

Looking through old photos, meeting people from the past, both of these remind us of the things that have been forgotten in the fog of time. The poem “Remembered Most” is about the sentimentally cruel aspects of remembering those forgotten things.

Remembered Most
Poem for Day 175 – 20150624

Forgotten photos,
faded memories of many years ago.
The past attractions,
distractions from the bonds alive today.

I thought I loved you,
maybe I still do,
but who were we then,
what are we today?

Forgotten places,
roads traveled so many years ago.
The discarded props
of life's dramas shuttered after their run.

Haunted by strangers,
demolished by progress,
locations now gone,
were they ever here?

Forgotten longings,
dusty emotions between actors of the past.
Relationship's time,
expiration passed a thing once so strong.

You were close to me,
our touch mutual.
Is it so very wrong
this is remembered most?

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: lover, memory, poem

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